01. The car has a really large [trunk]. We put three boys' hockey gear in it.
02. Adult elephants commonly punish younger elephants with a slap from their [trunk].
03. In Zimbabwe, there is a hollowed-out [trunk] of a huge baobab tree which actually serves as a bus-stop shelter.
04. Our cat likes to scratch the [trunk] of the tree in front of our house.
05. The dead body of a leading politician kidnapped just days ago has been found in the [trunk] of a car.
06. An elephant can use its [trunk] to lift objects as heavy as 275 kilograms or as small as a coin.
07. We loaded all the [trunks] onto the train and then found ourselves seats.
08. Your [trunk] is too heavy. Unless you take some stuff out and put it in your knapsack, you'll have to pay extra.
09. You'll have to put that stuff in the back seat of the car because the [trunk] is already full.
10. There is a spare tire in the [trunk].
11. The elephant picked the man up with his [trunk].
12. The little elephant was using its [trunk] to hold on to its mother's tail.
13. The elephant pushed against the [trunk] of the tree until it fell over.
14. While we were on our hike, we found an enormous tree that had a [trunk] that was about 200 feet around.
15. The bomb is believed to have been hidden in a large [trunk] in the luggage compartment of the train.
16. Sophie's [trunk] is already packed full of clothes. We'll need another one for her school books.
17. There is a [trunk] in the basement full of old clothes and stuff that we should get rid of.
18. The magician climbed into a [trunk], but when it was opened a moment later, he had disappeared.
19. A Japanese proverb suggests that disgrace is like the grain of a tree [trunk]; time makes it bigger instead of erasing it.
20. Lao-Tzu once observed that a tree [trunk] the size of a man grows from a blade as thin as a hair.

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